Our Why...
Helping People Breathe

Motivated by our Mission, and by living our Core Values, ProResp provides responsive, expert and compassionate oxygen and respiratory therapy services to every person within our care.


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Our Mission

Our passion is helping people breathe;

Assisting our clients in achieving their desired level of independence and quality of life.

Our commitment is responsive, reliable and ethical services in partnership with an integrated health system.

Our Core Values

Our corporate culture is defined by our five core values:

Trust     Respect     Integrity     Duty     Innovation

Core values


Your Rights and Responsibilities 


Miriam Turnbull and other trekkers

Despite the heat and thunderstorms, over 50 trekkers hiked 100 km of the Bruce Trail over two days in support of women in Nigeria.

Colin with children of Haiti

“The most rewarding part of the trip was definitely seeing the smiling faces of the kids as they played. These kids were just grateful for the experience.”

A man poses with a child.

“My life is a heck of a lot more challenging, but it’s a heck of a lot better. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

Sandra with children

“The women were so inspiring. They were business women making a difference in their world to help feed and educate their children.”

logo for Women Walking to Grow

Connect your body and mind to nature, and your heart to women and girls living in Nigeria.