Celebrating 40 Years

Helping people breathe right at home

In 1995 we founded our joint venture with the Queensway Carleton Hospital. We also launched joint ventures with the Mississauga Hospital and the Credit Valley Hospital, all of which facilitated earlier and seamless patient discharges, helped people breathe right at home, and freed up needed hospital beds for these urban hospitals. The CPAP Clinic we started at the Credit Valley Hospital continues its patient-centred service to this day. Over time these three hospitals amalgamated to become Trillium Health Partners, our current joint venture partner.


In 1996 we entered into a joint venture with the Stratford General Hospital (now the Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance), ultimately relocating from Clinton into the Jenny Trout Centre in Stratford where we stayed for over 20 years. This is an historic medical building named after Canada’s first female physician. We are proud to say that our partnership with the hospital is still going strong, is a model of collaboration that benefits these local communities, and is aligned with Ontario Health’s mandate of integrating care. The office is currently located at 771 Erie Street.

In 1995…
Alanis Morissette released her seminal Album Jagged Little Pill